Tech Trend: ULTRAPOP App

Do you ever get in a creative lull? Where all of your creative energy gets sucked out of you and put into things you may not be as passionate about? I feel as if every time I get in a creative rut, somehow a new bit of technology comes to my attention and changes everything. I recently came across this new app -- ULTRAPOP -- and have had some fun tinkering with it. Try it out and see what you think. Some of those old photos you took might look totally different with a new, neon perspective. 

"Starting From Scratch" As A Twenty Something

"Starting From Scratch" As A Twenty Something

Throughout our lives, we constantly fear events that will force us to start from scratch. This is why people frantically cling to the companies they intern for, in hopes of getting a job right after graduation. This is why people stay at a school they don’t like, out of fear of starting over somewhere new. There’s no feeling that matches discomfort or uncertainty – the fear of starting from scratch.

Winter Morning Challenge

After recently reading an article about simple additions to your morning routine that can make your day all the better, I've decided to share it with VERI & our followers. I know for a FACT that I am straight up a morning person. I love the feeling of a new day, that anything is possible, and you have the whole day ahead of you to make a difference or be extremely productive. ALSO, I should mention that having your daily cup of delicious coffee / tea makes everything better.

Before I continue rambling with how much I love the mornings, let's jump into the list :

1.  Begin with Gratitude

make sure you reflect on how thankful you are for someone or something that is in your life. I'm thankful for the beautiful sun and the beautiful nature that is outside my bedroom window.

2. Hot water + lemon + honey

Hot water wakes up your insides, especially your liver. Lemon cleanses your insides, and the honey with its anti-bacterial properties will boost your immunity!

3. Do some basic Yoga to wake up your body!

Try child's pose, along with cat + cow stretch - this will get the blood and lymphatic fluid flowing!


Set the tone for your morning, something as simple as this can make you feel accomplished and more prepared. Don't be lazy, just do it.

5. Greet the World

Take a step outside and breath deeply and exhale and say hello! Because why not??

6. Wait on checking social media / emails first thing in the AM

This will help you become more self-aware and comfortable with yourself. It will also increase your productivity through out the day. Try to stay off your phone for 1 hour after rising and 2 hours before going to bed. Instead try reading, cuddling, journalism, or coloring.

7. Oil Pulling

Try swishing coconut oil in your mouth for 10-20 minutes. It's be researched that by doing so you will see a improvement in your skin, your teeth will become whiter, reduces internal inflammation, and boosts immunity! The toxins are pulled through your mouth's tissue and when you spit the oil out, your body is rid of those toxins. This will make you feel so much better. Trust me.


You've been told from day one that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Because it is. If you eat, you will be less anxious and you will be able to focus better. Also, you won't binge on something later, that is possibly less healthy and will make you feel even more sluggish. Set your appetite and your metabolism up for success!

9. Meditation

Whether it be for 2 minutes or 15 minutes, meditation will re-center you and allow a sense of calm to fill you. Meditation is not easy, but practice makes perfect. I suggest downloading the app called : Headspace , it's an app that teaches you how to meditate and relieve anxiety / stress. It also has other options that you can pay for that teach you how to meditate about relationships, health and sleep. It's amazing.

I hope this helps you, and inspires you to try a few of these in the morning for the month of December. Winter can be melancholy, but there is so much to be happy and excited for to let a little cold stop you!

Have an amazing day, and hopefully tomorrow morning will be peaceful + productive.

All my best, 



Phone photos, perfected

ever feel like your photos aren't quite turning out the way you want them to? we've been there, too. but with a few tips and a little bit of practice, you'll be able to reach the aesthetic you've been hoping for. 

1. work with light + shadows

light is your best friend, especially when you're shooting photos with your phone. standing close to windows that are letting light in or simply shooting outside will usually always result in better images. some of the simplest photos turn out to be the best photos if the light was managed well. 

2. work with the crop aspect

it's better to get more in the photo and have to crop it than to get less in the photo and have nothing to work with. if you have to stand on a chair to take the photo, so be it. you may look silly, but it will likely be worth it. even the slightest crop or rotate can change the viewer's perspective of the photo. 

3. work with slight editing

editing is obviously wonderful, but too much editing is not ideal. work with brightness and slight changes to the photo, getting just enough to make it pop a little more. there are some great editing apps out there to use to your advantage, some of our favs are VSCOcam, Priime, and Snapseed.