Why work with VERI?

We specialize in digital communication and building a community that stands behind your story.

We go beyond “marketing” and “public relations.” Instead, we help to make your brand seem as approachable as can be – kind of like the neighborhood sweetheart. We want everyone to know about you, to love you, and to support you because we believe that is what small businesses need. In order to do so, we take the time to understand your story, to believe in your business, and to make a specialized plan to help you achieve your goals.

If that hasn’t tickled your fancy, we also offer a set hourly rate, significantly below the industry average, so we can help the businesses that might not otherwise get similar services. We understand that advertising is important, but it’s also expensive! We promise to be affordable to clients – that even means making exceptions for projects we truly believe in. That’s how much we value small businesses – because heck, we’re a small business, too!

To learn more about our capabilities, head on over to our [services] page where we detail our services offered.


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VERI Communications, llc

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Minneapolis, MN