invigorating + approachable + energetic

defining a brand + POSITIONING + identity with amplificatioN

Founder of Fitness Infusion, Jodie Carroll, came to VERI with an idea for her brand; she passionately explained why she believed so strongly in her efforts, who would partake in this program and how she wanted her community to feel.

Together, we concepted messaging and positioning for her brand that was approachable, invigorating and motivating. We helped her to develop a business flow, introducing the concept of members and partners within the program. Then, as a team, we came up with an electric yet refined identity for this brand, focused on being approachable, having a invigorating energy, and providing visual motivation. We moved that same energy into the development of a brand new website. On this site, we focused on emphasizing the imagery and cohesiveness of the site while remaining concise in our messaging due to her previous site losing its purpose and causing confusion.

The end result? VERI successfully created an inviting and motivating digital space for clients to explore, become informed, and begin their journey into a health-conscious community.

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