strategy // styling // tagging // interacting
the core components to social.

strategy // while we cant disclose all of our secrets here, each company we implement social for begins with putting a strategy in place. From the right mediums, the tone of voice to use in posts, the hashtags to use, posting schedule and more - we make sure we have a game plan, a "why" behind using social media.

styling // social media styling ensures that the images you use are interesting to look at, reflective of your unique business and complimentary to the brand you've worked so hard to create. This may or may not be one of our favorite tools.

VERI social media styling
VERI social media agency styling
VERI product styling
VERI social moment styling

tagging // finding the right hashtags and categories to get your brand found, but not make it look like you're searching for attention. It's a magical tactic of ours.

interacting // responding to engagements online is essential to keeping loyal followers; we're experienced in customer service that beautifully translates to your brand online, as well.