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Glorious Hugs & their Impressive Mission

Our first-ever local feature is on a company that has a mission well beyond being a successful company and well beyond making great products, Glorious Hugs is out to make a difference in the lives of others and they are doing a wonderful job thus far.

As we age, life can get lonely and as we approach the middle of our lives, it seems as though we’re busier than we’ve ever been. Glorious Hugs is a company that dedicates itself to making it easier for us to care about one another during these unique times in our lives thorough sending curated care packages that deliver much more than just a nice gift.

Founded in 2015 in Dellwood, MN by marketing expert Mary MacCarthy, the company has now been in operation for nearly 6 months and has seen growing success in the last quarter. The company currently sells a variety of care packages that are inclusive of local, handmade art, original poetry, bakery items, and discussion questions that relate to the package’s theme. The experience of receiving a package is intended to not only provide joy and optimism, but also to make it easier to connect with others by providing a variety of items to talk about, questions to spark conversation and bakery items to share.

In January 2015, with Mary’s daughters heading to college, she sat down to make a list of all the things she is passionate about and then figured out a business to accomplish all of them at once. From this list, Mary created what is now known as Glorious Hugs, a company with an incredibly powerful mission.

Every day is a thrill as my passions are now aligned with my strengths and dreams
— Mary MacCarthy


Glorious Hugs is focused on making it easier for us to care for each other, starting with a line of care packages of handmade art and other items for senior citizens and anyone in need of a hug. The items in the box and the experience of receiving such a unique gift, is intended to alleviate loneliness in the senior citizen community. With poetry, artwork discussion questions and food items in the care package, the focus of the gift is on emotional wellbeing as much research shows the emotional health benefits of artwork is plenty.

Here is a Glorious Hugs care package that can be sent to a loved one featuring handmade ceramic mugs.

The company is definitely multi-faceted and each aspect of the company was strategically decided upon. Mary did a great job at imagining the consumer experience and ensuring that she wasn’t just sending “stuff.” Instead, Mary did extensive research on the current state of seniors and what is missing from their wellness plan and found that the lack of joy and optimism could be changed if they were given an experience that fostered positive thinking and engaging conversations; something that various forms of art can offer.  

Mary notes that “it is particularly interesting that the US spends billions of dollars a year on product development for babies and more billions on medical technology but very little on emotional wellness for seniors. And this is despite a growing body of clinical evidence proving a link between loneliness and disability or death.” 

In the future, Mary hopes to have the company aid in serving the too-often-ignored needs of other communities, such as those with disabilities.

While we could go on and on about all of the wonderful things about Mary and Glorious Hugs, we encourage you to check out Mary’s website or read more in our exclusive Q&A session with Mary about entrepreneurship + passion! 


Mary MacCarthy is a social entrepreneur living her dream as the Founder of Glorious Hugs, LLC and spending more time with her daughters. Mary earned a BA in Psychology, and an MBA in International Business. Mary worked her way up from first being a secretary before moving through many positions at several of the most successful organizations in Minnesota including 3M and Medtronic.  

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